Video Messages

Welcome to our Video Messages page! Here you'll find a collection of powerful and uplifting video messages from our church's leaders, dedicated to promoting health and financial freedom. We believe that these messages will not only benefit our members, but also anyone seeking spiritual and personal growth.

40 Days Prayer and Fasting Program

As part of our special events, we are excited to share video messages that provide guidance on maintaining health and financial freedom during our 40 Days Prayer and Fasting Program. These messages are designed to inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey.

Divine Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare

Our ministry's emphasis on aggressive prayer and spiritual warfare extends to these video messages, where we offer insights into the power of God to deliver and the importance of maintaining both physical and financial wellness. This content is aimed at empowering believers in their spiritual battles.

Experience the Power of our Video Messages

Watch, learn, and be inspired by our collection of video messages focused on health and financial freedom.